It takes two to tango

Quantas vezes a vida não parece mais estranha do que a ficção? Isso é porque toda a ficção se inspira directamente na vida! É porque somos todos medricas que costumamos optar pela ficção. Só que este blog vai optar pela vida... ou algo assim...

sexta-feira, outubro 07, 2005

Benefit for Jethro Tull and Ian

Ian Anderson (na foto) sempre foi os Jethro Tull. Daí a sua imagem em lugar da da banda. A letra, ou poema, que vos trago é retirada do álbum de 1976 Too Old to Rock'n'roll Too Young to Die e chama-se From a Deadbeat to an Old Greaser. Muito bonita!

From a dead beat to an old greaser, here's thinking of you.
You won't remember the long nights;
coffee bars; black tights and white thighs
in shop windows where blonde assistants fully-fashioned a world made
of dummies (with no mummies or daddies to reject them).
When bombs were banned every Sunday and the Shadows played F.B.I.
And tired young sax-players sold their instruments of torture ---
sat in the station sharing wet dreams of Charlie Parker,
Jack Kerouac, René Magritte, to name a few of the heroes
who were too wise for their own good --- left the young brood to
go on living without them.

Old queers with young faces --- who remember your name,
though you're a dead beat with tired feet;
two ends that don't meet.
To a dead beat from an old greaser.

Think you must have me all wrong.
I didn't care, friend. I wasn't there, friend,
If it's the price of pint that you need, ask me again.

Gostaria mesmo que a escutassem... Quanto a mim, vou já aprender a tocá-la. Abraços!

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